Thursday, April 12, 2012

He falls the third time.

Powerless Power by Larycia Hawkins

All Power becomes powerless
Powerless in a donkey stall in deference to His destiny
Powerless on a donkey, in character for prophetic political theater
Powerless to take the cup away in obeisance of the will of Thine
Powerless to speak the truth to power in deference to the plan of I AM 
Powerless to lash out against violence in submission to the Prophets
Powerless to forsake forsakenness in accomplishment of It Is Finished
Powerlessness contingent—transformed to power in the Cross
 Powerlessly forsaken in death, yet
All Power transforms death to life 
All Power empowers the powerless—women and children, poor and prostitutes, widows and aliens, prisoners and pariahs, depressed and disabled 
All Power declares that unless we become powerless, we fail to understand Him and we have no part in Him
All Power bids that we come powerless and empty-handed to a peculiar feast of faith where eating His body and drinking His blood are neither crazy nor cannibalistic acts, but rather, the reality that defines all other reality
All Power subsumes everything in this radical feast of His perfect body and declares all good by His righteous blood
All Power declares that power is perfected in weakness—which He redefines, ironically, as strength
All Power ushers in a peaceable kingdom where
Powerlessness is power

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